Books by E. Davis

A Period of Time

Emerald Dixon embodies a princess that is wooed by her prince, Richard DeMarcoin this modern day fairy tale. When life becomes too intense, will she succumb to love or will she live happily ever after

~A Period of Time

Flaming Blue

River Daniels is forced to come face to face with unresolved issues, or get caught in the flames.

~Flaming Blue

The Road That Life Turns

When Stephen and Harlem reach a breaking point in their marriage they must decide if they will go down the road that life turns

~The Road That Life Turns

Another Slice of Pie

Andrew Gallagher meets Lydia Rose and realize there is a special connection. While over a slice a pie, Andrew ad Lydia make a life changing decision

August Schofield: The American Dream

In her quest to be a great Ameican author, August Schofield almost looses sight to what is really important. 

The Legend of Vision Campbell

On a remote island simply known as, The Island, Journey Calloway and LaKeya Matthews deal with underlining issue while solving the mystery of the reclusive Vision Campbell

The Emancipation of the Prodigy

Dark family secrets force Storm McCoy to take matters into her own hands.

How to Pray for a Successful Marriage Vol I & II

Debra D. Jones

-collaborating author E. Davis

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